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We mean full service

Start to finish, we can bring your project to the finish line at each stage of the process. If you have the start of an idea, we can help develop the creative concept and put together a plan to make it happen. We can write scripts, treatments, and create titles and branding. If you're past the writing/development stage, our directors, videographers and producers will bring their creative skills to the table and record it, photograph it, or stage it. And if you've already got everything filmed and need to bring it all together, our editors will take your raw materials and turn them into a complete, compelling product.


But not only that. Unlike many other companies that just provide the technical expertise, we aren't limited to the technical work of filming & editing. Instead we can produce your project, getting you the people, materials, locations, permissions, and media attention to make the project a success. We can hold auditions and find you a talented cast. We can build you a production team of outstanding crew members. We can handle the scheduling, logistics, and legal permissions. And if there's a technical service that we can't provide, we will do the work to find and collaborate with someone who can.


Here, full-service means that we are as devoted to making your projects successful as you are.

Our Collaborative Process

All of our projects start with a meeting. Some things seem straight-forward: Come film this speaker. Take a family portrait. Edit out all the 'ums' and 'ahs' in this radio interview.


But as with all things having to do with video, audio, and photography, the details are important. Does the speaker podium have a microphone we can plug into? And how many different angles do you want? Is the family portrait outside or inside where we'll need to use lights? How long is the radio interview and do you want us to add any intro or outtro music?  With larger projects, the questions proliferate and the details become even more important. How many shooting locations? How large a cast? How long is the film? And these questions don't even begin to scratch the surface.


You might have clear answers to some of these questions, and we will answer many of them together. We will bring our creative and logistical experience to the table. In this meeting, we create a clear plan and get on the same page about your creative vision so we can easily collaborate throughout each stage of the process to bring your idea to life.


The specific needs of each project affect the costs and resources needed to actually produce it. We will provide you with an estimate after our first meeting, so you have an accurate idea of what it will cost. If you have specific budgetary restrictions, please let us know and we will do our best to produce the project within your needs.

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